About Deep Learning Labs


Deep Learning Labs is an initiative designed to support and stimulate the modern artificial intelligence ecosystem and the innovators behind it. Our collaborative approach with leading AI labs, Open source initiatives & technology companies helps unlock the state-of-the-art AI technologies and infrastructure

According to history, when industry-changing technologies and talent come together at the same place, great things tend to happen. - Mathias

Our story

Deep learning labs initiative was create fall of 2019 by Nextgrid with the purpose to spread knowledge about the big opportunity of modern artificial intelligence and inspire talent to pursuit ideas and fund AI business ventures

Fall 2019

In fall 2019, we did host the first Deep Learning Labs event. We wanted to see if we could make artificial intelligence more exciting in order to actually attract top talent within the industry.


By the start of 2020, Deep Learning Labs had become a big success and we were preparing to open multiple new locations including San Francisco, Barcelona & London.

Shortly after our #8 event COVID was a fact and the world did go into lockdown and basically erased everything we built up.


For the next year, Deep Learning Labs was on hold. We did know that achieving the same environment and user experience online would not be easy. Spring 2021 we started to run events again and the journey to Deep Learning Labs 2.0 had begun.

We are at the very beginning of this new chapter. The journey has just begun and we invite you to join our mission and movement. It will be an epic ride. Check out and join upcoming events and jump in on ourDiscord

For partnerships & co-op please email [email protected]